NIO STYLES was born out of a passion for colour and style in women's apparel. 
We believe that YOU should have the choice to wear what YOU want without waiting for long periods with the tailor or spending a fortune.
Our beautiful products typify vivid sophistication in every woman. We specialise in contemporary designs made with high quality print fabrics, especially cotton. Cotton is known for many things, foremost of which are breathability and comfort. We design each style with your comfort in mind, ensuring each piece is strictly made to pre-defined high specifications.
We do not compromise on quality and we work to create elegant styles that are affordable.
Each product is finished off and packaged by hand before we deliver to your doorstep.
We carefully select our suppliers and work with people who share similar beliefs as us. Our garments are quality assured and produced in optimal environments.
We are proud ambassadors of cultural diversity in the range of products we make and are active agents in tackling extreme poverty through formidable partnerships with charities such as CAMFED. One percentage of profits go to chosen causes.